Artist Statement

The purpose of my art has always been to reflect the essence of being human through the form and gesture of the human figure. During the same four decades that I have been sculpting, I have become more involved in the Eastern movement arts, practicing and teaching yoga, qigong and taiji. I see sculpture and these movement arts are complimentary ways of tapping into the wisdom of the body.

The past two years have been an ever-accelerating journey from naturalistic representational art, to abstract art, and on to performance art. The subject matter is taiji, qigong and yoga poses. The goal is to abstract the energy and movement of these forms using my knowledge of the body combined with my knowledge of physics and math. My current focus is to create public art that combines sculpture and actual performance of taiji on campuses and in parks.

Photo of 45"  Taiji Sword pose, 'Big Dipper,' in Hollywood Sculpture Garden