The purpose of my art has always been to reflect the essence of being human through the form and gesture of the human figure. I have been sculpting for four decades, at first very part-time while working full-time as a not-for-profit executive. In the past two years, while in retirement, I have become more intensely involved in sculpting. From the beginning and at the present time, my work has varied from representational to more abstract. Recently, I have become more abstract in modeling, particularly in wax and plaster. By combining more than one figure in a single work, I have begun telling more complex stories.

During the same four decades, I have become more spiritual through the study and teaching of Eastern spiritual practices, which are focused on stilling the mind and tapping onto the wisdom or the body. These include body-centered meditation, yoga, qigong and tai chi. My sculpture is another way of tapping into the wisdom of the body and expressing this wisdom for others to experience and interpret. I believe that if you can “… see the world in a grain of sand” as William Blake profoundly stated  you can cetainly see the whole universe in the human form.